Sources for "Miscellaneous Not Doing Homework List"

  1. I didn't have enough Vespene gas. - Starcraft
  2. My grade is irrelevant, my homework is futile. - Star Trek TNG
  3. Those nasty hobbitsess stoless it from us, preciouses... - Lord of the Rings
  4. I suffered a Memory Lapse, and it ended up on top of my library. - Magic: The Gathering
  5. I started my homework, but it became more powerful than I could ever imagine. - Star Wars
  6. I accidentally pressed the self-destruct button, but the cancellation button was out of order. - Space Balls
  7. My homework was consumed by the power of the One Ring, and it no longer submitted to my will. - Lord of the Rings
  8. There is no homework. - The Matrix

Last revised March 2006